Hong Kong is regarded as one of the best wine-shopping places in the world now. However, unless the wines are store under constant lower temperature and the right humidity, Hong Kong's long period of hot weather will accelerates wine maturing, even worse, possible "murdering the wine". If you are investing in wine and in order to re-sell your investment, the wine invested should be stored in original wooden case to preserve the higher possible prices in auction or private trade. Storing the wooden cases of wine in Hong Kong is not an easy task and especially your personal storage space is limited at home, you may need to consider renting a private cellar to protect your investment.
Our cellar, which size is more than 10,000 sq. ft., is equipped with security and environmental control requirements for wine storage. Our 24-hour monitoring premise allows clients to store their variety of wine safely, and visit their collections any time of the day. Our cellar offers clients long-term, stable, and affordable high-class storage services.

Our cellar is designed and installed by professional companies. The cellar temperature is strictly maintained between 13°C-16°C, relative humidity between 60-70%. Together with soft LED lighting and shake-resistance flooring, our cellar could be comparable to a natural underground cellar.

In addition to storage services, our company provides wine sales and consignment services. To assure our high standard, all our products are directly imported from Europe.